85 Top SpaceX Internship Questions for SpaceX Intern

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Check out the best and most promising SpaceX Internship Questions that might help you get your dream SpaceX Summer Internship this Year

The Internship opportunity for engineers and business graduates at SpaceX is currently open. Future space aspirants and aerospace engineers who are currently in their master’s or graduate program are seeking SpaceX Internship Questions for effective preparation before appearing for the interview session. Therefore, looking into the demand for resources, we have compiled the most expected Top 100 SpaceX Intern Interview Questions for you. Let us look at those interview questions based on categories.

Introduction and Behavioral Based SpaceX Internship Questions

In this section, we will render you with the best interview questions from the introduction and behavioral-based origin. These questions are simple and require effective logical skills and less experience to answer them. So, let us enlist a few interview questions for your successful internship placement.

  1. Tell us how you got interested in Space?
  2. Are you better prepared to challenge yourself?
  3. What is your proudest achievement?
  4. What was your most difficult challenge you had to overcome?
  5. What’s your favorite class? Why?
  6. What was a difficult problem at work that you couldn’t solve? How would you approach the problem now?
  7. Why should we hire you?
  8. Tell us about yourself.
  9. What are your greatest accomplishments?
  10. What are your greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?
  11. What is your working personality?
  12. What distinguishes you from other applicants
  13. Tell us about yourself and your strengths in around five minutes.
  14. Tell us about a moment when you showed leadership in a conflict.
  15. Example of a time when something went wrong, and it was your fault.

We know that SpaceX is hard-working and redefines cutting-edge space rocketry technologies. Therefore, it is significant to acquire knowledge about the company and its advanced technologies before appearing for an interview. So, here is the list of internship interview questions related to SpaceX technologies.

  • Why are you willing to join SpaceX?
  • Are you familiar with SpaceX’s official mission?
  • How does the Merlin engine work?
  • Which kind of fuel do we make use of?
  • Describe the dynamic behavior of Falcon 9 when it is ascending and re-entering with relation to stability.
  • Describe the process of developing and building a high-pressure, dependable fueling system for a rocket engine.
  • Explain the temperature, pressure, and velocity of a rocket engine’s flow at the plenum, nozzle exit, and combustion chamber.
  • What happens when two different metals are welded together in the plumbing of a rocket engine?
  • Design rocket’s reaction control system.
  • Given that the rocket is constructed horizontally and lifted vertically for launch. Describe three possible systems for lifting.
  • Describe the process of designing a series of pipes for use in a quick fueling system for a liquid propellant rocket engine, and which equations would be ideal for the situation in terms of fluid pressure calculations and structural considerations.

Apart from your logical skills and knowledge, the recruiters would be more interested to know more about your interest and passion for joining SpaceX. Hence, never hesitate to share your enthusiasm and passion for joining the company to revolutionize next-generation space technologies. Here are some of the interesting questions asked during the interview session.

  • What are you looking forward to knowing at SpaceX?
  • Why do you really want to work for SpaceX?
  • What characteristics do you possess that make you suitable for this position?
  • Take me through the design process of anything you developed. What would you modify if you could do it all over again?
  • Consider a moment when your project did not go as planned. How did you deal with it? What changes would you make? How would you manage to do it in half an hour?
  • What do you mean by saying the company culture is similar to yours? What do you know about how we operate?

Previous Work, Experience-Based SpaceX Internship Questions

If you have completed any internships or worked in jobs, you can expect questions related to your work, experience, and projects because these questions are significant to determine your excellence and capabilities. Therefore, we have enlisted some questions which may help you to get prepared for the SpaceX Interview.

  • What type of team experience do you really have?
  • Tell us about your work experience.
  • What has been your most complex engineering issue, and how have you solved it?
  • Do you have any prior coding experience?
  • How much LabView experience do you have?
  • How well do you understand C programming?

Technical and Engineering-Based SpaceX Internship Questions

In addition to all other domains and disciplines, SpaceX recruiters might test your technical and engineering skills to solve complex problems, suggest solutions to issues, and gain knowledge of various technical disciplines. If you appear for an internship interview, you can expect questions related to engineering materials, mathematics, aerospace engineering, fluid dynamics, and electrical engineering. Some of the best interview questions are as follows.

  • Explain what composites are and how they are used.
  • What exactly are composites?
  • Describe a technological challenge you resolved.
  • What is an illustration of a challenge you’ve rectified?
  • What would you bring, and how would you set up if you had to climb a tall building, cross to the rooftop of another tall building, and then down the second building?
  • What kind of construction would you use for a hammock?
  • How can you safely slow down a massive heavy item going at high speeds?
  • Tell us about a moment when you had to troubleshoot electrical equipment.
  • What would you have noticed if you had used a scope to examine the signal?
  • What would you have expected to observe if the signal was railing within the hardware?
  • What occurs when a strong current (spot welding) is passed through a nickel piece which is touching a copper piece?
  • What precisely is a null pointer?
  • What is the difference between UNC and UNF threads?
  • How would you calculate the force generated by flow through a control volume?
  • What is the lift equation?
  • What are strakes on an aeroplane?
  • What is the maximum size that an integer can have on a machine which has only 32 bits?
  • How does a three-phase ac electric motor work?
  • What is the operation of a DAC (digital to analog converter)?
  • What is the DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) protocol?
  • What exactly is the DNS (domain name system)?
  • Why do we choose twisted pairs of wires?
  • What differentiates coaxial cables as superior for high-frequency signaling?
  • What types of pressure exist?
  • Do you understand the difference between shared memory and distributed memory designs?
  • How can a stack be reversed using only the pop and push methods?
  • What will be the behavior of an electric field which is circularly polarized?
  • Explain how a low pass filter works physically. Where should the probes be put? How does attenuation work in terms of how things are made?
  • If you had a power source and a load, would you power the load with a P-channel MOSFET or an N-channel MOSFET?
  • If you put a force on the end of a bar that sticks out of the wall, how does the stress change if you make the bar wider?
  • When tension is put on a copper wire inside a rubber sleeve, does the copper or the rubber take more of the stress?
  • What is a gauge of pressure? How does it work? How would you do a leak-by test on a valve? What kind of gas do you use?
  • Define Reynold’s number.
  • When you cook a hot dog, it splits in which direction, and why?
  • There are many different types of data structures, such as arrays and heaps. Why can’t there be a single thing that does everything?
  • Explain Reynold’s number.
  • How to compute and apply different stress equations?
  • Consider a cantilever beam with a mass = m and a length = L that is fixed at one end. What is the moment existing at a length of L/4 if this beam is subject to an inertial force and a uniformly distributed load = w?
  • When a cantilever beam is subjected to a tip load, where will the beam fail? How does welding on the beam affect the local stresses? What three parameters are required to analyze a buckling column?
  • Suppose one beam is attached to a wall while the other is free. When a force is applied, where would it break? What information would you need to estimate the force required to break the beam? How would you approach designing an electrical harness to keep it safe from a sharp item falling from above?

SpaceX Internship Question on Resume and Project

Besides, the interviewers are also interested in exploring your resume and projects which you have completed in your graduation or apprentice. They might ask you several technical and non-technical questions related to your resume or projects. Here is the listing of interview questions that you can refer to for effective preparation for SpaceX Internship.

  • Tell us about one of your past projects.
  • How did you go about addressing the project mentioned on your resume?
  • Tell us about a recent project you worked on.
  • What types of projects have you completed?
  • Tell us about your most difficult project you have worked on. Why’s it so complicated?
  • Discuss one hands-on project you worked on and what you learned from it.
  • How would you approach a challenge in an area where you have never worked earlier?

SpaceX Internship Questions from Other Technical Domains

Finally, some interview applicants did not disclose their questions and overviewed the domains from which you can expect multiple interview questions. Some of the major domains are as follows.

  • Questions related to electrical engineering.
  • Questions related to data structures.
  • Questions related to composite materials.

So far, we have indexed the Top 85 Internship questions best suited for freshers or graduate engineers. These questions have been gathered from Glassdoor and Business insider and categorized based on the various disciplines. In addition, all the enlisted interview questions have been modified to increase readability. Therefore, we suggest you use these resources for your reference and academic purposes. Nevertheless, we cannot assure you to expect the same kind of interview questions during your upcoming interview rounds. Finally, we conclude that these SpaceX internship questions might enrich you with adequate technical knowledge and might improve your answering skills. We wish you all the very best in your Internship preparation. Furthermore, if you have any queries concerning SpaceX Internship Application, we suggest reading our blog on Top 10 SpaceX Internship Questions Every Intern Has Before Applying for SpaceX Internship. Moreover, if you wish to answer any of these questions, you can write it in the comment box for further consideration.

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