NASA Internship Opportunities at NASA Ames Research Center

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Explore numerous NASA Internship Opportunities and Subject Disciplines to work at NASA Ames Research Center

NASA’s Ames Research Center has 75+ NASA Internship opportunities for college graduates from various subject disciplines. If you are looking to work for NASA, it is the best time to take the next step toward your application process. ARC provides numerous internship offers for students from more comprehensive disciplines. So, in this blog, we will be summarizing the role and the procedure to apply for various internship positions based on categories. If you have any preliminary questions concerning the NASA Internship Program, you can explore our site for more information.

NASA Internship Opportunities for Aeronautics Students

In association with Ames Research Center, NASA also concentrated on Aviation and Aeronautics for humankind’s benefit. The Aeronautics branch plays a vital role in the development of airspace planes, satellite carriers, and technology transits. Hence, if you are an aeronautical engineer, you have a broader domain to work with NASA. Based on the NASA-ARC announcement, we have shortlisted the significant domains where you can work with your interest.

  • Rotorcraft Aeromechanics 
  • Advanced Air Mobility Navigation Campaign
  • Research on Aeronautics Contributions to Wildfire Management
  • Space Traffic Management Services
  • Federated Learning in Aviation
  • BERT Development of Aviation-Specific Machine Learning Model
  • Host-Based Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Data Visualization System for Airport Ground Traffic
  • Smart Wireless Diagnostic Modules
  • Aviation Systems

NASA has been driving space technologies for years. It led to the development of advanced technologies that chased our solar system (like the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2). It is not only technology; the spacecraft materials also play a key role in sustaining their life against harmful space environments. Therefore, if you are a material engineer and willing to pursue research in spacecraft and other aerospace materials, you can definitely go to Ames and choose your respective domains to work with the NASA Internship Position. Some of the significant internship disciplines are:

  • Engineering Polymers
  • Computational Materials
  • Soft UAS Based on Tensegrity Structures
  • Thermal Protection System and Material Characterization
  • 3D Visualization Artist
  • Monitoring and Resilience in Aviation
  • Aeronautics Resource Support
  • STEM Internship

Internship for Aerospace Explorers

Aerospace and Space Science is the gateway to human missions to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond. Since the last few decades, NASA has been investing more capital in science directorate missions, including Mars Insight Lander, Mars 2020, Juno, Parker Solar Probe, and other lander missions. All these accomplishments are due to the maturation of aerospace technologies. If you are an aerospace aspirant, NASA Ames Research Center will be the right platform to engage with NASA Internships. You can apply and work within any interested disciplines listed below:

  • Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy and Software Engineering
  • Developing Science Analysis Systems for Future Planetary Missions
  • Small Spacecraft Technology Program
  • Small Spacecraft Technology Program – Battery Internship
  • Studying Exoplanets and Variable Stars with Kepler and TESS
  • Automated Maintenance Planning for Uncrewed Spacecraft
  • SBIR or STTR Service Design
  • Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy Algorithm Designer
  • Communication Modeling with Earth
  • Automated Testbed Engineering
  • Natural Language Processing

NASA Internship Opportunities for Mars and Space Science Explorers

The expertise area of Mars and Space Science is also emerging across the nation. If you are mainly focused on Mars and Mars Missions, this would be the best internship choice for you. You can acquire more skills and experience in Mars Science and Missions. Some of the major interests include Ice on Mars, Biosignatures, Life on Mars, and Mars Rover Drilling Tests. NASA Ames offers a wide range of internships from the below-mentioned subject disciplines so that you can avail all the benefits and skills from the NASA Internship Program.

  • Developing a Collaborative Science Website for Mars
  • Celestial Mapping System
  • Space Biology Outreach
  • Stellar Jitter Characterization of the Solar type Stars
  • Who is Going to the Moon
  • Studies of Water Ice on Mars
  • Planetary Sampling Automation Development
  • Preparation for Future Missions to Moon and Mars
  • Support TRIDENT Drill Tests

Data Science and Machine Learning Internship

In addition to aerospace and space science, NASA also offers opportunities for data science and machine learning aspirants to undertake internships to build a featured Data Science Space career. Primarily, the work is closely associated with gathering, managing, and analyzing data from spacecraft, satellites, and aviation vehicles. If you are a data science and machine learning aspirant, you can choose any of the below-mentioned domains can apply for NASA Internship.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques for Airspace Operations
  • Data Science
  • Science Pipeline Operations for TESS Full Frame Image Planet Searches
  • Programming and Analysis of Global Satellite Data Sets 
  • Manage Data Sources for Solar Global Activity Data Portal
  • Research: Risk Awareness on Multi-agent Decision Making
  • Multifunctional Sorbent Project
  • Chabot Ames Partnered Internships
  • Statistical Performance Comparison of DNN

NASA Summer Internships for Space Biologists

The subject of Space Biology has become one of the most significant domains of future space missions. Scientists and Researchers across the world work with numerous bio-projects to enable life sustenance in space. Besides, NASA’s Space Biology Lab aboard the International Space Station has conducted multiple experiments on plant and animal life and the effect of space radiation on it. Space Biology is an interesting subject and area to work with, and it is the life key to future interplanetary missions to the Moon, Mars, Ceres, and Beyond. If you are looking for a space biology internship, NASA Ames Research Center is best for it. Apply for various open positions and choose the below-mentioned domains to get enrolled in NASA Internship Program.

  • Teacher Internship at GeneLab
  • Microbial Bioinformatics Course Design with NASA GeneLab Data
  • Lateral Flow Assay Development for In-Space Manufacturing of Biosensors
  • Printed Biosensors for In-space Manufacturing
  • Models of Microbes in Microgravity: Simulated Microbe Growth
  • Data Collection and Analysis for Biosignatures Studies 
  • Investigating Biological Responses to Space Radiation
  • Space Systems Biology
  • Conservation of Stress Responses Genes Versus Metabolism in Spaceflight
  • Models of Microbes in Space Radiation
  • Microbial Growth Potential in CO2 Removal Systems
  • Machine Learning to Study Spaceflight Effects on Biological Systems
  • Neuroimmune Responses to Space Radiation

How to Apply for NASA Ames Internship?

The procedure for applying is very simple. Just follow the below-listed instructions to apply.

  • Visit the NASA Central Force Website to look for available Internships.
  • Search for Ames Research Center or California in the Search Bar.
  • You can find numerous internship announcements on their result page.
  • If you find any exciting internship positions, click the “Apply” button at the top right corner.
  • Provide necessary details and finally submit your application.
  • Significantly, it would help if you were a US Citizen with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify for all the internship positions.

An internship plays a crucial role in building your impressive space career. Also, it helps you to get broader opportunities in NASA to work a full-time job with good pay. Therefore, we recommend you grab all these internship opportunities for your featured space career. Many interns get confused about choosing their desired domains at the official NASA Internship Announcement Site. Therefore, to make you well understand the fields and categories, we have summarized the internship opportunities available at NASA Ames Research Center, California. Further, stay tuned to our website for more internship opportunities at various space agencies. We put our best effort into building and exploring your galactic space career.

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