IEEE Paper Tips – How to Get Your Paper Selected at IEEE Aerospace Conference

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Check Out the Best IEEE Paper Tips to Increase Your IEEE Paper Acceptance Rate for Publishing in IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings.

About IEEE Aerospace Conference

An Annual conference conducted every year to recognize aerospace and space science research worldwide. Thousands of younger researchers and experts participate and present their cutting-edge tech research. In addition, this platform also affords a wonderful opportunity for school and graduate researchers to outreach their research. Periodic and active participation of young talents make the event popular across the world. Therefore, in order to help you to get your paper selected at IEEE Aerospace Conference, we would like to share some potential IEEE Paper tips for you. Let’s begin our discussion on how to submit a paper to this conference.

How to Submit Your Paper to IEEE Aeroconference

To submit your excellent research, you must adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  • Visit their conference website at (
  • Create an account by submitting the graduate identity card or any relevant proof.
  • After finishing the account signup, you will see a “Submission” Tab.
  • Under this tab, enter the paper’s title, author, session, and your 500 words short abstract.
  • After entering paper information, click “Submit.”

You will receive an email confirming successful submission. The technical discipline chairs will make a prompt decision on the submission results (acceptance, moderation, or rejection), and you will get notified via email and the submission module.

IEEE Aerospace Conference Paper Evaluation Process

IEEE conducts a series of complex review processes, and getting selected is very difficult. However, it is not so tricky to get evaluated. Perhaps After Submission, your abstracts will be reviewed by the top leading aerospace industry experts or scientists from respective domains. Your abstracts will undergo a series of review processes where the peers will assess the below-listed characteristics at the forum.

  • The title and abstract structure revealing the novelty of your research.
  • Demand and Scope of your Research or Study.
  • Applications of your research and how impactful compared to IEEE Standard and Competitors.
  • How well you have written comprising your research demand, earlier drawbacks, novelty, and application.

Best Tips to Follow for Increasing IEEE Paper Acceptance Rate

In this section, we are interested in sharing our insights to get your paper selected for IEEE Aerospace Conference. The following thoughts were gathered from a talk with a former IEEE participant who successfully published the manuscript at the previous aerospace conference.

  • Select an Impactful title to reflect the novelty of your research.
  • The title must not exceed 100 Characters. So choose the best title to name your impactful research. 
  • IEEE allows you to enter an abstract of 500 Words.
  • Make sure you summarize the whole paper in a single paragraph.
  • While summarizing, include a few lines about the topic discussed below.

Literature Review

In two or three lines, try to summarize the past studies and their technical drawbacks, technological gaps, and impact on current research

The Novelty of Your Research

In the following few lines, describe your research novelty and how it would address the issues or technological gap.

Research Methodologies

Following your research description, try to include some of the few best research methodologies which refined your research results.

Scope and Application of Your Research

Finally, add a few lines portraying the scope and application of your research and how it would create an impact on the next-generation technologies.

Research Prospect (Optional)

If possible, add a line to showcase your research prospect and what results to expect in the near future.

So far, we have provided the best and most effective tips to get your paper selected for the IEEE Aerospace Conference. Finally, we conclude that these tips might increase the chances of abstract acceptance to 60-70%. In the same way, you can follow all the guided instructions to submit your short abstracts to any aerospace conferences. Further, suppose you are interested in exploring the tips to articulate your research. In that case, we suggest reading “How to Publish a Research Paper,” which would help you submit your impactful research to the upcoming 2023 IEEE Aerospace Conference and 2023 AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition. Moreover, we hope that this blog will help you get your paper selected and published in the respective conference proceedings. Besides, we have also written a blog on How to Get Your Paper Selected at AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition for the aerospace aspirants, who want to outreach their research at various AIAA Conference Forums.

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