AIAA Paper Tips – How to Get Your Paper Selected at AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition

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Want to Increase Your Paper Acceptance Rate at AIAA SciTech Forum? Follow the Most Effective Tips for Successful Publication at AIAA ARC

Modern and Early-Career researchers encounter numerous obstacles to publishing their first successful paper. Similarly, many of us have difficulty structuring an influential paper and considering it for AIAA Conferences. Therefore, we will provide helpful insight into AIAA Paper Tips for increasing your paper acceptance rate at AIAA. Before discussing some effective paper tips, let’s have an overview of the AIAA Conference.

About AIAA Conferences

AIAA is the leading publisher of aerospace and space science-related papers worldwide. Many of us have heard about AIAA ARC (Aerospace Research Central), where most conference papers are archived per the Conferences, Sessions, and Disciplines. Similarly, numerous aerospace aspirants tend to be interested in submitting and getting the article published at any AIAA Conferences. Therefore, in contrast to the open call for papers for the upcoming AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition, we are interested in sharing some magnificent AIAA Paper Tips to get your paper selected and published. Let us begin our discussion about how to submit an article to AIAA Conferences and get them considered for evaluation.

How to Submit Your Research to AIAA?

Every year, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics organizes four sets of aerospace conferences to promote space and defense technologies for technological excellence. It also encourages the publishing of conceptual and hypothetical papers based on technical feasibility. If you want to consider your article for AIAA Conferences, follow the guidelines below.

  • Visit their official site at
  • Click on the Events and Learning Tab.
  • You can find three forums and one event, including AIAA Defense, Aviation, SciTech, and ASCEND Forums.
  • Click over the Forums to look for Call for Papers.
  • Following, you can find “Submit an Abstract” and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the Abstract Submission Module powered by Clarivate Analytics.
  • Here, you can submit your abstract in a document format.
  • AIAA allows a minimum of 1000 words of abstract.

Top Sections of a Paper to be Included for AIAA

Follow the same order to structure your paper for increasing the probability of aiaa paper acceptance rate to 70-80%. Some of the significant sections of a research paper are

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Earlier Works of Literature Review
  • Scientific Background
  • Research Methodologies
  • Acknowledgment of Data or Sensitive Information
  • Research Analysis
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Best Tips to Structure Your AIAA Article

Before writing the article, you need to download their template, or else you can submit it as a formal document file. To get your abstract selected, follow the tips to structure your paper.

  • Write the article title, which should reflect your research novelty and application.
  • Write a short abstract of 300-500 words, which should summarize your complete article.
  • Begin your writing with an attractive introduction followed by Literature Review, Scientific Background, and Research Methodologies.
  • If you are doing data analysis, mention proper credits and list the resources from where you have gathered your data.
  • Provide an overview of research and its impact on future technologies.
  • Provide a summary of your analysis or research followed by results or outcomes.
  • Include graphical illustrations or images to reflect your results because the reviewer likes to understand your result through informative graphs.
  • Write a summary of future work and supplementary resources which supported your work or research.
  • Finally, add proper and citable resources in the reference section. It will help them to track your data and validate them.

Now that you have completed structuring your paper, you need to write an extended abstract for AIAA rather than a short abstract. Make sure to write up to 1500-2000 words in your extended abstract so that it can make reviewers outline your research and get them shortlisted. Short abstracts get selected rarely, but short abstracts with words less than 400 get rejected because it increases the complexity of understanding your research.

Finally, we have provided the best and most effective tips for increasing your aiaa article acceptance rate in any AIAA Conferences. Based on the author’s experience and struggles as an early career researcher, we have summarized some practical tips for publishing your impactful research paper at AIAA ARC. Furthermore, we believe that these tips might help you consider your paper for the upcoming AIAA SciTech Forum and IEEE Aerospace Conference.

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